Cancer free! 

Drugged up and cancer free! 
I am in a tremendous amount of pain. But, I’m alive and kickin’. Thank you to all my friends and family who came last night to be with me and my misery after surgery. I’m sure I bit everyone’s head off at least once. In my defense, the pain is like your entire thoracic area is being squished on both top and bottom by thousand pound freight trains. Last night was particularly bad because it hurt like hell to inhale. Which made me anxious. And of course, my go-to method of self-soothing in times of anxiety is deep breathing, which as you can guess, was not available to me which only perpetuated more anxiety….

They gave me dilaudin in an iv, and apparently I was saying some very insightful things… I remember none of them. 

 “Dentures are like glasses for your teeth” “I can eat candy apples with both my dentures in and my dentures out, because I have strong gums”(I do not have dentures. Nor have I eaten a candy apple since I was about 6) “I feel that if I could tickle myself, I wouldn’t be so needy” “Ellen can probably tickle herself, because she can do anything” “I wish we were all self sufficient ticklers” (yeah, no idea)…. And the list goes on. Thank goodness my mom and aunt Janet were there to witness and document it….

I’m on flexerol now, and it’s helping, but I am still extremely sore. One of the doctors told me today will probably be the most painful day, and then it will improve from here. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed….

I cannot wait to get home to my pup. ❤️. I’ll be here at the hospital all day today, and then part of tomorrow.

Thanks again for all of the support. 💙

30 thoughts on “Cancer free! 

  1. Hey girl, I had no idea and am thinking of you! Glad everything went well. You are a beautiful and inspirational soul.


  2. Hey pretty lady. My family and I are sending lots of healing prayers your way! You are one tough and brave woman. Love to you! ❤️


  3. Gentle hugs and prayers for a fast recovery . I am so happy to hear that everything went so well. Soon you will be home and singing sweetly again.


  4. Praying for you Amy!! Don’t let yourself get dehydrated post op. Drink and use fiber supplement daily. You are so strong and positive… inspiration!!! God Bless Sweetie ❤️


  5. Amy, sending Prayers for a speedy recovery! You are amazing and brave to share this terrifying experience with all of us, thank you! Judy you have a beautiful daughter!! Keeping you both in my Prayers! 💕


  6. Hi Amy, I have been thinking of you non-stop. Glad to read your thoughts today. I hope you feel better fast. We love you.


  7. Hello Amy,
    I’m friends with Marci and Mark and I’ve been praying nonstop for you. I’m so glad you’re thought this apart of your journey. Remember God is a great God and he never puts more on you than he knows you can bear. I will continue to be prayerful and follow you through your helping process.
    Be Blessed and get well soon!


  8. Hi Sunshine
    I am so happy to read your blog today I woke up several times during the night and just kept praying for you. It will be awesome to get home to your own bed and yes your puppy who is anticipating your arrival.
    I will get in touch with you to visit-but it won’t be right away as you need your healing time and too much company too soon can be well….just too much-I love you and I am so very proud of you and happy for all the loving support you have around you. Only good things for such a good person to the core…that would be you Amy-good to the core!!!!!
    Jo-Ann Alibrandi


  9. You’re a very strong lady. And you come from a very strong family. I will keep you in my prayers for a speedy recovery


  10. Caught up and ready for that quiz! 😛 Beautiful work and keep that positive attitude. I’ll work on the Ellen D bedside thing. Lol


  11. Hi Amy, I’m a friend of your mom’s and have been praying for you daily. I hope your pain gets better every day. You are a very brave young lady and I will keep following your progress. Get your much needed rest honey. Sending hugs to you and your mom. 😘❤️


  12. Hey Beautiful – I had no idea what you were going through. I do know, however, that you are an incredibly strong woman and I have no doubt you will continue to rise above this! I’ll be thinking of you and praying for you! Jae Stevens


  13. Hey, sweet Amy! I am out of town for the weekend but couldn’t go to sleep without checking in on you. THANK YOU for sending word. You are right on track for recovery from all of this. Can you think of ways we can make this easier for you? Just say the word! ❤


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