I think it’s gonna be a great day

Good morning! Lately I have been so happy and grateful for the abundance of love and support in my life. Things have a funny way of coming together, sometimes in ways you least expect… I never expected my own cancer diagnosis to become a catalyst for my own happiness, and strangely, that’s what’s happening. 

On Monday, I went to a lecture called “Diet and Cancer: Does nutrition matter?”. It was hosted by the Rochester Area Vegan Society and the speaker was Thomas Campbell, MD, son of T. Colin Campbell (featured in Forks Over Knives), and co-author of The China Study, a fascinating study of nutrition and disease through out the globe.

The short answer is yes, diet absolutely matters.

The Standard American Diet, also known as SAD (for good reason, our insides get SAD when we eat that way…) is one filled with animal protein, dairy, and lots of processed, packaged crap. We’ve been told from day 1 that milk makes us strong, and we need meat to build muscle. I don’t know how this became the mainstream consciousness around food, but this is where we’re at. 

For those of you who have seen Forks Over Knives, you may remember T. Colin Campbell talking about his accidental findings on Casein, the main protein in milk. If you haven’t watched this documentary, I suggest you check it out pronto. It explains the findings in this slide much better than I could…

I am certain that my diet is playing a huge role in my healing. I am eliminating inflammation in my body and lowering the level of acidity through food (cancer thrives in inflamed, acidic, oxygen starved environments). 

Good-morning juice! (And a random fly-away chunk of hair…) Dandelion root, Swiss chard, ginger, lemon, lime, and turmeric. 💕💕💕💕

About to head out on my morning power walk! 

Namaste ✨

6 thoughts on “I think it’s gonna be a great day

  1. Absolutely awesome to pay attention to your diet, chica. 🙂 Just as a precaution, I’d suggest running the soy quote by your medical oncologist. Soy is a plant estrogen and may behave like estrogen in the body. If your breast cancer was estrogen-receptor positive, the statement in the slide may not apply to your type of cancer…? Not sure, just a thought. And I am now off to pick up a Kale Ale/Fireball combo from Damaris. Your photos made me crave my fave!


    1. Hi holly, that’s something I’ve asked since the very beginning, and dr. Yellin has told me that there’s studies that suggest that soy may actually be helpful in my situation because of the phytoestrogens… But to be safe, soy isn’t something I consume.


      1. Amy Holly is correct but nobody really knows . I think I said there are no good studies so you don’t need to avoid soy but don’t use it as a supplement. Sorry for any confusion


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