Battery Re-charged

I haven’t written in a while because I’ve been so busy living my life, which feels really great to say. I just came home from NAVS Summerfest  (a 5 day health and wellness conference) held at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. This conference came at the perfect time for me, because prior to it, I was experiencing a bit of the “birthday blues”. I’ve never not had the birthday blues, I remember turning 16 and crying on my birthday because I was halfway to 32 (yeah, I’ve always been nutty). In anticipation of July 13th, I was feeling a lot of intense emotion. My mind kept wandering to my potentially shortened life expectancy (cancer at 26 may take off 33 years of my life… but there are a lot of factors in a statistic like this, so in my more positive state, I can honestly say “we’ll see about that ;)” because I know I’m more powerful than a number, and I’m feeling healthier, stronger, and more grounded every single day). I was feeling pretty sad in the few days before the conference.
And then I went to the conference, and my passion for living was reignited. Being around like-minded people with similar struggles and a similar approach was incredibly healing to me. I also had the opportunity to discuss my situation with Dr. Michael Greger (author of “How Not to Die”), Dr. Michael Klaper, George Eisman (RD), Keri Saunders (RD), and health guru John Pierre, all of whom offered their recommendation and insight free of charge. I had 5 days to soak in all of this light and positivity from those around me, and I’m realizing how important it is for me to keep reaching out to those who support me, to recreate that sense of peace now that I’m home.

Wednesday was my birthday, and it was hands-down the best birthday I’ve ever had. I’ve never really enjoyed my birthday but this year was different. I woke up that day with an appreciation for the breath in my lungs, and the sun in the sky, and my ability to go out and enjoy the day with all my limbs, with my sight, with all my senses. This was the first year I’ve ever wanted to celebrate my birthday. My mom made wonderfully delicious vegan food, and I was surrounded by friends from all stages of my life.. high school, college, and after, and my family. It was a beautiful day.

Also, I’m a GODMOM. My Godson Maddex was born July 6th, just 1 week before my birthday. 7 lbs of joy and wonder. I’m so happy to be a part of his world. 

I started my hormone therapy drug today (tamoxifen).  So far, aside from a minor tummy ache in the beginning of the day, I don’t have any real complaints. I’m feeling pretty great these days, and in the moments where I’m feeling vulnerable, I know exactly who to reach out to. I am so thankful to be in this space of positivity and light. I’m becoming who I really am. And I am so thankful for this.



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