Food, glorious food! 

The news story is airing today! I’ve seen about 20 promos between yesterday and right now, and I look like a dweeb in every single one of them, but oh well! At least we are getting the word out there that young people are taking their health into their own hands, and that nutrition matters… on that subject: 
I’m inserting a few links in today’s post for those of you who aren’t familiar with Dr. Michael Greger’s work. He is the founder of, the largest database of nutritional research. 

I had the privilege of meeting him this summer and discussing my breast cancer situation with him. His insight was great, he believed because of my age, hormone therapy intervention was absolutely necessary (which I was reluctant to hear at first), but he also told me that what I put in my body every single day could have dramatic impact on my overall survival. Which was absolutely empowering. His website is so great and informative. I find myself watching video after video, unaware that over an hour has gone by… I hope you find his website as valuable and informative as I do! 

This video cites the body’s ability to slow and stop cancer progression through a whole food plant based diet in men with prostate cancer and women with breast cancer:

This video is about the bovine leukemia virus in cattle and its link to breast cancer development in women:

This is the industry’s response to the bovine leukemia virus and breast cancer link:

And this is another video on the use of chemicals in meat production and its link to breast cancer. It’s a scary world we live in… but the good news is we have choices in how we navigate this world once we are informed….

I hope you all enjoy these videos and feel empowered to take your health into your own hands more and more every day! And now I’m off to eat some kale for breakfast 🌿😊

Ps. Can someone tell me if the links aren’t working because I’m tech illiterate, I should know how to insert a hyperlink but I’m in the wrong generation…

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