We just got pinked.

So. Our news story aired tonight, and it will be airing again tonight at 10pm. I was excited to see it. Unfortunately, it was not what I expected at all. Instead of it being a piece about 2 women who had to learn how to be their own advocates in this scary health system, it was a cutesy story about our friendship. Not that our friendship isn’t valuable. It is. But that wasn’t the whole point of the interview. I was hoping this interview was going to be a place for us to express how important it is for all women, regardless of age, to be in touch with their own bodies, foster self awareness, self care, self advocacy in medical situations (should they ever find themselves in one)… 

Oh, and to clarify, “lisa” was the name the reporter gave me in the opening of the story. Oops. My names Amy. 

That’s the “story”. I’m pretty upset to be honest. Because it doesn’t convey our TRUTH. And I believe our truth is what has the power to help people. Not some bogus pink washed version of reality. Ugh. It appears we are operating within a system that doesn’t really want to hear what we have to say unless it’s happy! And smiley! And sweet! And cute! And optimistic! This disease is none of those things.

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