Dear Amy: How to face your fear of death and the unknown. 




Read about your mental illness(es), or anything else aside from your potentially lethal condition. Quit lookin that shit up. It won’t change a damn thang, sweetheart. 



One mo’gen: eat. Eat healthy food. Eat food that you would not normally eat -treat choself to some desserts sweetened with agave (gasp). 

Watch shows. Laugh at the stupidity of humans exemplified in masterpieces like the office, parks and rec, shameless, etc.

Listen to music. Or don’t if it’s too painful right now. 

Research weed in relation to your current predicament. And fantasize about laughing while smoking that shit once again. 

Talk to friends. 

Hug your dog.

Hug your family. 

Punch shit.




Tell God he’s full of shit and the joke can be over now. 

Acknowledge your fear. Say, “sup?”

Allow yourself to need the support of others. 

Brace yourself. 
A bumpy ride is behind you. And a bumpy ride is ahead. 


Your (maybe) wiser self. 

4 thoughts on “Dear Amy: How to face your fear of death and the unknown. 

  1. Eat it …it’s better for your lungs.:) Weed will help with the nausea and appetite… and perhaps calm your mind And though I don’t know you I get this feeling that you have a strong warrior within, even those cry and punch shit sometimes. Wishing you the best young lady…and Peace


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