Holy cow national news and stuff

I haven’t written in a while because things have been so busy-not just with usual appointments, though that’s certainly part of it. The chemo fog is beginning to lift and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and as a result, I’m out living my life (with usual bouts of depression in between). The weather has also been a bit nicer (except for today, wtf!!!) so I’ve been outdoors running and walking and trying to get my vitamin d (although on my last lab, my vitamin d level was 98!). My last treatment is March 9th-less than a week away! I’m very excited to be done with this. I’ve got about 4 lashes left on each eye. But thankfully I had 6 for my national television debut….


I was not involved in the study, but was recommended by the social worker at Pluta who knew I was exercising all through chemo. There were definitely days where getting out of bed was a struggle, and though I said that in the interview, they didn’t quite include all of what I said about it (though they did keep the part where I talked about the body feeling heavy and weak). I saw some comments on the story on NBC nightly news Facebook page that were pretty angry and negative. Some people (including some cancer patients, both past and present) were saying it was unrealistic and unhealthy to tell suffering cancer patients on chemo to run. People seemed offended by the story in general.  The study/NBC was not trying to imply that cancer patient needs to be out running marathons or doing anything strenuous. Any activity counts in terms of helping with the chronic fatigue syndrome cancer patients on chemo/ in treatment experience. The message is just “Do what you can”. I think it would have been helpful if it had been stated that I was a very active person prior to starting chemo which is why I am still able to run. But let me also make this clear: my speed has diminished completely. An 8 minute mile pace has gone to a 12 minute mile pace. And instead of doing 5 miles, I can do about 2 on a good day. And there were definitely days where I did nothing. Chemo has affected my physical fitness level. Many of the comments on the Facebook page seemed really angry, particularly about the running part, to which I have to say: running is not necessary in order to combat the fatigue (like I said). But also,  I’m 27 years old, of course I’m going to be in relatively good shape compared to many (certainly not all) older cancer patients…  Many of the angry comments were coming from “chemo veterans” so to speak, to whom I want to say, this wasn’t made to shame anyone for their ability or inability to jog. Every person is different, every body is different, the biology of everyone’s cancer is different. Maybe the chemo agents you were on were harsher, or maybe the anti-emetic drugs that I’ve been on through this whole process (which I’ve heard are drastically better and more effective than what people were taking even 5 years ago) were not available when you were going through chemo. To reiterate, everybody is different. I really did not mean to offend anyone going through cancer treatment with my jogging through treatment. And to reinforce, the study simply showed any physical activity is beneficial. I feel badly that some people were so angered by the story :/. 

Nbc news also posted a separate article on the web page. Here’s the article:


I was also interviewed this morning by Beth Adams from wxxi : http://wxxinews.org/post/best-treatment-cancer-fatigue-exercise

So all in all, I’ve been very busy….
I need sleep more than anything right now. Goodnight moon. 

2 thoughts on “Holy cow national news and stuff

  1. Inspiring(!) and you are so stinkin’ beautiful without hair…

    Nancy Pettersen Strelau Associate Professor in Professional Studies Director of Strings Studies, Auditions Coordinator Director of Orchestras, Nazareth College, NY Music Director, Greater Rochester Women’s Philharmonic Music Director, Virtuosi Scholarship Chamber Orchestra/High School Conducting Project Collegiate Committee, New York American String Teachers Assoc Director, Park Circle Music Fest 585.389.2691 http://www.naz.edu/dept/music

    On Fri, Mar 3, 2017 at 10:02 PM, AmyHealThySelf.Com wrote:

    > amyhealthyself posted: “I haven’t written in a while because things have > been so busy-not just with usual appointments, though that’s certainly part > of it. The chemo fog is beginning to lift and I can see the light at the > end of the tunnel, and as a result, I’m out living my lif” >


  2. You need to keep doing what works for you. I’m sure it may be different case by case ! Keep on truckin Amy ! ❤️ Marc


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