Scan day/ Happy Birthday, Grandma Jo Ellen Mancari

I had a scan this morning at Strong’s new imaging building, which is really more like a hotel than a medical building. I first walked into a comfortable lobby with high ceilings, an electric fireplace, large tv screens, a set up for assorted coffees and teas. Very quiet, and almost peaceful. Well, as peaceful as a medical facility can be….

I arrived feeling very calm, and very very loved and supported (Thank you to everyone who sent me some love last night/ today!). Interestingly, I am still feeling peaceful, though the waiting (til Thursday) SUCKS. 

The man at the front desk looked familiar to me. After a couple of “what’s-your-date -of-birth?” type-questions, he told me that I looked very familiar. We laughed when we realized that it was from the hospital, as he used to check me in over there. He handed me the usual paperwork that has me answer questions like why are you here?(why not?) what type of scan are you here for? (Ct of chest, abdomen, and pelvis) Why? (Because I have ductal breast cells in my lungs) When was your last menstrual period? (10/25/16, enjoyed at the psych unit at RGH), any chance of pregnancy? (HA!) etc etc. 

A tech came out moments after I began my paperwork and brought me into a room in the back, decked out with a fancy large screen tv mounted on the wall. This is where my port gets accessed?, I thought. Looked more like a room at the Woodcliff. (K not really but you get what I’m sayin’, the place was spiffy). 

After the 20 minute ordeal that is known as power-port accessing, I was free to watch a bit of a cooking show. About 8 minutes into it (they were making savory pastries 😍-holy butter, batman, thoπŸ™ƒ), I was called in for my scan. I got on the table, and was told that my shorts needed to get a little lower (dumb metal buttons). First, they took pictures without the iv contrast to get a baseline, and then several images with the iv contrast (the kind that causes the warm, flushed feeling all over. I always feel as if I’ve just peed myself), which highlights any potential problems. I’m laying in the machine with my arms over head (flashy ct pose πŸ’πŸΌ), when all of a sudden, I get hit with the sneezes. One after the other, as the machine whirs around me, telling me to breathe and hold my breath…. I sneezed about 10 times. When the tech came back in, I was convinced he was going to say we needed to get more images, because my sneezing messed it all up. Not the case. He came in to tell me I could pull up my pants, and that I was all set! 

Pulling out of the parking lot and onto East river road, a yellow butterfly circled around my moms car. 

Hello to you, too aunt Mary. And hi Janet! And happy birthday, Grandma Jo. πŸ’•πŸ’πŸ•Š3 angels who are rooting for me on the other side✨

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